Conference banquet
Venue: Restaurant "Panorama" of the hotel "Riviera"
Address: 1B, F.Amirkhana str.

Conference banquet will be held on June 09, 2016, 18:30 - 23:30


Restaurant "Panorama", with a cafe and a summer terrace, is located on the top floor of the entertainment complex "Riviera". Everything is original here, but at the same time simple and convenient. From gently turning platform in the center of the hall you can observe the fascinating scene of the city in motion. Spacious hall, elegant wooden furniture, white starched napkins help enjoy the atmosphere of peace and luxury.

The banquet will be accompanied by the performance of the Dance ensemble "Kazan".


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70 Euro
50 Euro - For student (young scientist)
3500 RUB - For Member of Russian Chemical Society

Booking and payment procedure

  1. Send the request via e-mail and attach the company details if you prefer to pay from the company by invoice.
  2. Send the request via e-mail and attach the filed in authorization letter if you prefer to pay by bank card. Note: we guarantee safety of the provided data and that no additional charges will be made without your written consent.
  3. The request should be sent to with a title «Social program request». If you would like to pay the excursion for another person, please specify it in the request.
  4. You will receive a payment confirmation when the money arrives to the account of the official services agent MAKO.
  5. The original receipts you can get at the registration desk at the conference dates.
  6. Also the payment will be available on the registration desk.

Please note that you are responsible for correct information provided.

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation on and after June 07, 2016! NO refund is made.

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