Please note that the early registration fee can be paid at any time by April 27, 2016. The registration fee is considered paid once the money arrived on the bank account of the Conference Official Service Agent.


Step 1

Log in the online registration system using the login and password that were sent to your e-mail address after completion of the registration process. Select the services you wish to pay for by ticking the corresponding checkboxes. You can pay for everything at once or for one service at a time.


Log In


Step 2

Open “Payments section” and click “Add payer”. A payer can be an individual or a legal entity. Then you need to fill in all fields with the payer’s details.


Step 3

3.A. Bank transfers:

In order to pay by bank transfer select the “invoice” option from the payment section. The invoice will be automatically generated based on your personal details provided by the registration form.

All you have to do is to bring the invoice to your nearest bank (for individuals) / to the accounting department of your company (for a legal entity) and make a payment. Once the payment is done please send a copy of the payment order to the Conference Official Service Agent by e-mail (

3.B. Internet Payment:

For Internet payments “MAKO” uses the “Russian Standard” bank as the secure credit card Internet payment system. The “Russian Standard” payment system uses SSL-connection, making your purchase safe on-line. In order to pay by Internet payment select the “Pay card” option from the payment section.

Please note that all bank fees are at the expense of the customer and must be covered in advance.

An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you once money arrives to the bank account of the Conference Official Service Agent. The documents will be handed to you at the Registration desk at the Conference.

Make Payment


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact
the Conference Official Service Agent:

Phone: +7 (495) 134-25-65

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