Foreign participants may need a visa to come to Russia. We suggest that you check this beforehand with your local Russian embassy, consulate or travel agent. List of diplomatic and consular missions of Russia in various countries is available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia website.


Official Service Agent «MAKO» will provide participants upon request with the necessary visa voucher to obtain Russian visa. The voucher is solely for the purpose of visa application, and once you get it, please, prepare the required package of documents and submit it to a Russian consulate.


Payment of the registration fee, booking and prepaying Korston Hotel via personal page are prerequisites of visa support by MAKO. Visa will be issued for the duration of your stay in Korston. If you would like to visit other cities in Russia or stay longer in Kazan, you will need an additional voucher(s) from a hotel there or a travel agency.


If you choose to book another hotel, rather than Korston, it can be possible to get visa support from the chosen hotel, but please firstly check it with the hotel representative and then let us know about your choice.


According to the Russian Federation migration law concerning registration procedure of foreign citizens on the territory of Russian Federation hotels take all responsibilities for fulfilling this statement; that’s why hotels can take registration fee (nearly 5-10 EUR per person) that is to be paid by the guest directly to the hotel cash desk upon arrival.


To request the voucher, please, send a Visa Form by e-mail as attached file to:


Deadline for the Visa Support request is April 30, 2016


IUPAC endorsement implies that entry visas will be granted to all bona fide chemists, provided application is made not less than six months in advance. If a visa is not granted two months before the meeting, the Organizers and the IUPAC Secretariat should be notified by the applicant.

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