Kazan is the city which combines traits of the Russian and Tatar cultures, the city which matches both Western and Eastern styles and looks unique!

“Millenial Kazan”



During a three-hour tour around city you can see Kazan Kremlin, a unique historical and architectural ensemble that is being under the protection of UNESCO.

Kazan Kremlin is a heart of the city, founded as a fortress of Volgskaya Bulgaria in the 9th century.

On the territory of Kazan Kremlin you can see a Symbol of Kazan - Tower of Syuyumbike, as well a Kul Sharif’ Mosque and an Annunciation Cathedral. The harmonious co-existence of the Christian cathedral and the Islamic mosque is a sign of religious tolerance in the Republic of Tatarstan.

From the high hill of the magnificent Kazan Kremlin you can see a beautiful panorama of the Kazanka River and new parts of the city.

You can feel the spirit of more than 1000 year’s history of Kazan! You can see place where the East meets the West!

Welcome party will be organized for all participants and registered accompanying persons on June, 6, 2016 in the grand Ballroom of Korston Hotel (gratis).

A three-hour tour around Kazan “Millenial Kazan” will be offered for all participants of the Conference on June, 5, 2016 (gratis).

14:00 - Departure of the first group with English guide on the bus from Korston.
16:00 - Departure of the second group with English guide and the third group ith Russian guide from Korston.

"The Island-grad Sviyazhsk". Boat trip with lunch.


We are glad to invite you to an unforgettable trip to the island Sviyazhsk, where a tour of the island will be organized for you. We are going on 2 hours boat trip to the island. After arriving on the island you will find a sightseeing tour and visit to the historical museum. Further, the charming restaurant "Konniy Dvor" will wait for you with a buffet contains drinks, snacks and Hrenovyha which is brewed according to an old recipe. After the buffet comfortable buses will take you to hotels.

Fairy town Sviyazhsk is situated 30 km away from Kazan in the mouth of Sviyaga river on the island with same name
Marvelous fortress town built just within four weeks. And now since its foundation this Russian orthodox sanctity welcomes here people from all over the world.

The history of this ancient place is extremely interesting. On February 12, 1550 Moscow tsar Ivan IV besieged Kazan. The siege lasted for eleven days. A lot of people died on both sides. On February 25 Russians retreated. On their way home, the Russian troops stopped on the right steep shore of Sviyaga river. Ivan IV liked this round mountainous wooded island. It rose above Volga giving opportunity to keep control of the river routs, land roads and Kazan. Russian tsar dreamed of foundation here a small fortress town that could help him conquer the capital of Kazan Khanate. He ordered his military engineer Ivan Vyrodkov to make a design of a fortress. Construction of the fortress started not on the island itself, but in Uglich woods, in the principality of Ushaty boyars. Model town with all its walls, towers and churches was being constructed within all the winter period thousands miles away from Kazan. In spring of 1551 all constructions were reassembled, loaded on the boats and floated to the mouth of Sviyaga.
The town was founded on May 24, 1551. Top of the island’s hill was cleaned off the trees. It turned out that delivered material was enough for the construction only a half of the town. Therefore, local timber was used as additional material. It was an unprecedented case in the history of architecture – just within four weeks a wooden fortress town with huge oak walls, golden dome churches, decorated houses and high towers and belfries was erected on the island. The town was named Ivan-Town in name of its founder. Later it was called “New Sviyazhsky town”. The latter name originated from the name of Sviyaga river - Sviyazhsk.
The 500-years’ history of Sviyazhsk is full of falls and rises, poverty and prosperity, fame and oblivion, respect and humiliation.

Surrounded by water the fairy island like a magnet attracts here many travelers. Once stepped on a holy land full of undiscovered secrets, you will keep a long memory of atmosphere of something superb and inviolable which wrap this island up.

The excursion to Sviyazhsk will take place on the 8 of June at 13:00 from Korston hotel.

Price: 2500 RUB

Booking and payment procedure

  1. Send the request via e-mail and attach the company details if you prefer to pay from the company by invoice.
  2. Send the request via e-mail and attach the filed in authorization letter if you prefer to pay by bank card. Note: we guarantee safety of the provided data and that no additional charges will be made without your written consent.
  3. The request should be sent to info@icpc2016.ru with a title «Social program request». If you would like to pay the excursion for another person, please specify it in the request.
  4. You will receive a payment confirmation when the money arrives to the account of the official services agent MAKO.
  5. The original receipts you can get at the registration desk at the conference dates.
  6. Also the payment will be available on the registration desk.

Please note that you are responsible for correct information provided.

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