Professor Francois Mathey

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Phosphorus(I): a New Frontier in Organophosphorus Chemistry

Francois Mathey received a doctoral degree in chemistry from the University of Paris VI in 1971. He worked for the chemical industry until 1986 and then moved to Ecole Polytechnique. He left Ecole Polytechnique for the University of California Riverside in 2003 and joined NTU in 2008. He has got several awards including the silver medal of the CNRS, the Raymond Berr – Atochem and Grignard – Wittig awards of the French Chemical Society, the Paul Langevin and Mergier – Bourdeix awards of the French Academy of Sciences, the A. von Humboldt research prize, a JSPS fellowship, the Main Group Chemistry award, and the Arbuzov prize. He is member of the French Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina Academy, Academy of Göttingen, Academia Europaea and European Academy of Sciences. He has been President of the French Chemical Society between 2000 and 2003. Professor Mathey made a significant contribution to the development of phosphorus-carbon heterocyclic chemistry.

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