General information

Within the framework of the XXI International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry the school-conference for young scientists “Rational Design of Phosphorus Substances with Desired Properties” will take place in Kazan.

The main direction of the conference is the education of the young scientists and specialists in the area of rational design of novel phosphorus substances with the useful properties in order to create novel materials: catalysts for organic and inorganic reactions, luminescent and magnetic materials, and effective drug substances.

During the conference the following problems and questions will be discussed:

  • Rational design of phosphorus compounds and their complexes with desired properties;
  • The development of materials based on organophosphorus compounds;
  • Design of biologically active phosphorus compounds;
  • Possibilities and limits of physical methods for establishment of structures and properties of phosphorus substances and materials.


Why should I attend to the school-conference?

During the conference you will learn more about these topics from the lectures of known specialists in the field of the materials based on phosphorus substances. For young scientists it is a great opportunity to discuss their work and find new contacts with the chemists from all over the world, and get the thesis from ICPC-2016.

All participants will be able to submit written contributions (oral presentations and posters) and the published papers will be edited and collected into a special issue to be published in Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements.

The type of the presentations for young scientists is the flash presentations - 5 minute for presentation and then discussion on the poster session. The most creative and original presentations will be awarded.



Prof. Dr. Karasik A.A. (program committee) –

Dr. Strelnik I.D. (organizing committee) –



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